The basic needs of the human body are Vitamins and Minerals, as well as other nutrients that are part of a balanced diet. We should all be aware about the different nutrient groups and why we should be eating them. Women need Vitamins and minerals in their daily diet more than men do, because their bodies are different, and have their own hormonal cycles. 

Nutrient deficiencies in a woman’s body can affect her organs, her menstrual cycle, her mood, and her fertility levels. These signs of nutrient deficiency can show up on their skin, in blood and urine samples. A woman needs certain Vitamins more than others. Such essential Vitamins for women and food supplement for women should ideally be part of their diets. If a woman is not getting enough Vitamins naturally, she should look at taking a Multivitamin, one that is made with high quality to UK GMP standards, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, carefully made, even suitable for growing children, easy to consume, flavoursome, with you in mind, why not try out the Majestic Multivitamin Gummies from Halegreen?


The six essentials of a woman’s Vitamin chart 

In this section, you will learn about the six most important Vitamins that a woman must take every day to achieve complete well-being. These Vitamins support the bodily functions of a woman and maintain her optimal health.

Vitamin C

There are already a lot of conversations about how Vitamin C is a miracle Vitamin needed for your skin and immune system. Women need Vitamin C because it is essential for the skin cells, the blood, cartilage, and other parts of the body. Vitamin C acts as an immunity-increasing Vitamin and reduces the chances of infection and inflammation. This is a compound found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. A combination of Vitamin C and zinc is taken to prevent fever and cold.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the bone-strengthening Vitamin that supports women’s bone health. Natural Vitamin D is found in sun rays, and therefore, women should stay active and go out in the morning sun. A morning walk can help your skin absorb the natural Vitamin D. Women need strong bones for their structure and mobility. 

Strong bones in the pelvic area also help with childbirth and recovery. If you are a woman who is nearing her 30s, you should take Vitamin D supplements to provide your body with an adequate amount of this important Vitamin. As you go through your menopause stages, you will further lose your bone strength. So, in your later years, you should always aim to eat some Vitamin D-rich foods or try supplementing to ensure your body gets the Vitamin D it needs to function well. Like Halegreen’s carefully formulated Victorious Vitamin D and Majestic Multivitamins  supplements today!

Vitamin K

Women also need Vitamin K in their diets as it helps with natural blood clotting and wound healing. Vitamin K plays a pivotal role in women’s health during menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth. This Vitamin is found in leafy green vegetables like cabbage and kale. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to eat the rainbow and include cabbage-like vegetables in their diet. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin K, it could mean that the woman is facing period issues and other health issues. This Vitamin also plays an important part in the neural development of the foetus, so you should eat foods rich in Vitamin K during stages of pregnancy. Also, you can try our Victorious Vitamin D capsules, as they have this very fusion of K2D3 and Vitamin K2. 

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is found in fruits and green leafy vegetables. This Vitamin is very important for eye and skin health. If you want to keep your eyes clear and have a strong vision for years, then you need to eat foods rich in Vitamin A. Vitamin A also has anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties that help renew the cells. This Vitamin is important to get rid of the toxins in your body. Women who lack Vitamin A in their diet should increase their natural green content. You can also start taking Halegreen’s Majestic Multivitamin for Vitamin A deficiencies.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B complex, more particularly known as Vitamin B12, is important for the blood composition and neural health of the body. Anaemia in women is the number one cause of weakness and fatigue. If you are not eating foods rich in Vitamin B12, you will face multiple health problems because of this malnourishment. 

Anaemic women can face problems like anorexia, deficiency of oxygen, shortness of breath, irregular periods or light periods, etc. Vitamin B12 is found in common food items like fruits, nuts, milk and eggs. By increasing the intake of these items, you can improve your blood composition and prevent anaemia naturally or again supplement this with Halegreen’s Majestic Multivitamin.


Biotin is very popular among the supplements that women take for their hair and skin. Biotin also belongs to the B Vitamins, and it strengthens your nails. At different phases of life, the hair of women transforms. One of the major signs of nutrient deficiency and improper diet is hair fall. 

If you have tried to stop your hair fall using oils and shampoos but have made no real progress, you should think about going to a doctor or a specialist to see if you need biotin supplements. If so, try Halegreen’s Blooming Biotin made with high quality to UK GMP standards, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, Halal and Kosher, carefully crafted, Blooming Biotin, in a delicious Natural Strawberry Flavoured Gummy.

Nevertheless, if you want to help this further, instead of just taking biotin supplements, it is better to take multivitamins for women that also have biotin in the recommended dosage, like the perfectly formulated Majestic Multivitamin from Halegreen. This should help improve your hair and nail health, giving you a shiny, voluminous mane. 


These are the top 6 Vitamins for women that are essential and should be taken in the recommended quantity every day. If you have been following a well balanced diet from the start, then you should not really have a deficiency of these particular Vitamins.
However, if you as a woman are unsure that you are not getting these Vitamins naturally from your diet and nature in the correct amounts, you should give Multivitamin supplements a go. Buy multi-vitamin formulas and other health blends from trustworthy brands like Halegreen and try to regain your health and youth today!