There are several ways to take care of our bodies. A balanced diet combined with regular exercise is considered one of the best ways to stay healthy!

However, since most of us are juggling personal and professional lives, who has the time? No matter how hard we try, it's hard to get all the necessary nutrients from just a diet. 

This is where supplements come in. There are some vitamin needs that can only be met by taking supplements. But things could go wrong if you do not take them properly. 

There can be side effects to some types of supplements, and iron is one of the most common ones. It is important to be aware of why you are suffering from the side effects of these supplements and how you can avoid them.

Effects of Low Iron in the Body

Let’s start by understanding the importance of iron in our bodies. Iron has been linked to several important body functions, such as brain function, oxygen transport, and regulation of body temperature. 

Iron also plays an important part in energy production and keeping the immune system strong. So, having low iron in your body cannot be good, right? Lack of iron can cause issues like weakness, anaemia, pica, fatigue, and a decline in hair and nail health. 

The combination of a diet high in iron and supplements can address these problems. But how do you know what the right form of supplements is for iron? There are some iron supplements that can do more harm than good. 

Why do Iron Supplements have Side Effects?

Supplements can always cause side effects if they are not taken as they are supposed to be. Iron supplements have even greater chances of side effects, and they can be due to several reasons;

How the body processes and absorbs iron is different for everyone. So, it is important to know the possible reasons for side effects from these supplements.

Lack of Absorption of Iron

Just consuming iron is just not enough. How you combine your iron with other things affects whether it will be absorbed in the body. If you are not doing it right, this can be one of the reasons for these so-called side effects. 

The absorption of iron might be affected by the presence of other nutrients like calcium and zinc. Make sure you are pairing your iron supplements with other nutrients that help absorb it better instead of interfering with it. 

Halegreen’s Igniting Iron & Vitamin C - 150 Gummies are one of the safest and healthiest supplements of Iron around. This supplement is combined with vitamin C, which helps in the proper absorption of iron. Moreover, these gummies comply with Regulation EC No 1169/201 to ensure you have the finest high-quality Iron and Vitamin C supplement you could take for your well-being! 


This can be one of the main reasons why your iron supplements are not giving you the desired results you need and instead causing you issues. If you are taking a higher dose of iron, more than what your body requires then it is likely that you are facing side effects due to that. Our Iron supplements here at Halegreen come in the form of gummies, and they do not overwhelm the body if you take the recommended dosage instructed.

Formulation or Concentration of Iron

Some forms of iron, like ferrous sulfate, have a high chance of causing gastrointestinal side effects. On the other hand, ferrous bis-glycinate or iron chelates are forms of iron that work for most people and do not cause any issues.  

Gastrointestinal Problems 

Iron is an oxidizing agent, and it can react with other components in the stomach. This can cause irritation and discomfort for you. Certain iron supplements can even affect the gastrointestinal tract. 

This can cause vomiting, constipation, stomach pain, diarrhea, or nausea. So, it is optimal to choose the right iron supplements for your body today! 

Existing Medical Issues

Individuals who already have existing medical problems should be very careful about taking supplements. Especially supplements of iron that have a tendency to cause side effects if not taken correctly. 

In such cases, make sure you consult with a doctor or medical professional before taking iron supplements, or you can go for supplements that are free from preservatives, artificial colour, sweeteners, GMOs and lean towards natural ingredients. 

That is why we made sure that our supplements are not only safe but also suitable for children above three years of age. 

Not Suitable if Taken with Other Medicine 

Iron supplements react with other medicines, like antibiotics. If you are already taking medication for issues like thyroid, consider avoiding iron supplements for a while. 

Make sure you are off medicines that can have a negative effect before starting a regular intake of iron supplements.

Sensitivity towards Iron Supplements 

While there are several reasons why iron supplements can affect you negatively, some people are just sensitive towards them. Factors like age and genetic variations can really influence how they react to certain supplements. 

How to avoid side effects from Iron Supplements 

Being aware of the different types of iron supplements and their possible side effects is the key to avoiding them. Choosing the right supplements is an excellent way of preventing these side effects. 

You should try to choose supplements that are gentle on the body and do not interfere with other medications if you are taking any. You should also take care that you are not taking high doses, more than it is necessary to do so. Some common tips to avoid side effects are mentioned below.

Pair it with Food

As we know, these supplements can upset your stomach, so taking them with a meal or a healthy snack can help lower the risk of side effects. 

Do not take Multiple Doses at Once

This goes without saying, but you should not take multiple doses of iron at once. If you require a high dose of iron, make sure you take it periodically. Taking a gap after each dose will help your body adjust and absorb it properly.

Take with Vitamin C

Iron and Vitamin C are great if taken together, as vitamin C helps in the proper absorption of iron. Our Igniting Iron & Vitamin C—150 Gummies are a delightful combination and ensures that your body is getting the required amount of iron without any potential side effects. 

Stay Hydrated 

A healthy lifestyle and proper body hydration will help you avoid issues related to iron supplements, such as constipation or diarrhea. So even if you have to take high doses of iron, it would not have a negative impact if you have a healthy digestive system.

Trying out these approaches can really help. However, if you insistently face the side effects you want to avoid, consider getting advice from your doctor or medical health professional. 


As we have discussed the possible side effects of iron supplements and how to avoid them, it should now be easier to take them without harming your body. Halegreen has created safe and healthy options if you want to incorporate supplements into your diet. 

Our iron supplements comply with Regulation EC No 1169/2011 and are not deemed harmful in any way. You can order them online with a minimal delivery charge. If your order is above £30, you can get the order delivered absolutely free of charge! 

Our aim is to ensure that you can meet your supplement needs in a healthy way. So go ahead and show some love to your body with our Awesome Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginger Gummies today!